The Curious Case of The Toyota Land Cruiser/ Lexus LX

Toyota Land Cruiser J80

Toyota Land Cruiser, a synonymous name with car enthusiasts, JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) enthusiasts, the wealthy people of India & obviously the Arab nationals. This nameplate is there in the world since 1951 and has been into, when the Jeep CJ-B, Ford GPW & Mercedes Unimog and the Rolls Royce commissioned by Lawrence of Arabia to travel to deserts and other high-altitude terrains were the only known off roaders. Toyota decided to play its cards in the all-terrain car range. Hence the BJ & FJ series was born

Toyota FJ40

Powered by a 3.4 litre inline-six petrol engine, it produced 84 bhp & 215 NM of torque. The next year, Toyota introduced a much bigger & better 3.9 litre inline-six engine producing 125 bhp this time. With this, the Land Cruiser name was also used for the first time by Toyota. Earlier From 1934 to 54, Studebaker used the Land Cruiser nameplate for one of their cars. The idea of using the Land Cruiser suffix for their 4×4 came from the Land Rover company in Britain. Hence the suggestion by Toyota’s then technical director Hanji Umehara gave birth to one of the longest running nameplates in the history of Automobiles.

Toyota Land Cruiser J70

Within the passage of time & generations, Toyota made the Land Cruiser more versatile yet capable to conquer any terrain without any fear and failure. The reliability the Land Cruisers were blessed with made sure that it remained the most successful car and cemented Toyota’s reputation of building highly capable cars. People from the Gulf countries mainly trust the Land Cruiser for their desert expeditions, thanks to its reliability.

Toyota Land Cruiser J80. Courtesy :- teambhp.

In 1995, Lexus (Toyota’s luxury division) introduced the LX. Based on the J80 generation Land Cruiser, this model was sold in markets like the US, Canada & the Gulf countries in order to compete with the luxury SUVs like the Chevrolet Suburban & Yukon (earlier Suburban) & Ford Expedition. The LX450 (as it was known) was a more luxurious version of the J80 Land Cruiser. Features like Leather seats, telephone (also seen in some sedans of that price range at the time) made it a trump card. A product of efforts to avoid tariffs on Japanese vehicles by USA (which gave birth to Sub brands like Acura & Kia), the LX450 was an instant hit among SUV buyers in North America.

The next generation, the J100 Land Cruiser and LX were more modern looking than the J80 and the previous models. Infact the LX, now renamed as the LX470 was a fan favorite among Indian celebrities. The Land Cruiser got more into mainstream when our very own bhai, Salman Khan allegedly ran the LC over some footpath dwellers. Most famous owners include Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, Sanjay Dutt (all of them opted for the more luxurious Lexus). The Land Cruiser was also brought by rich people. Most of them opted for the 4.7Litre V8 option (a first for the Land Cruiser & LX). Still a few bought the 4.2 turbocharged diesel motor. The J100 generation still has a cult following among enthusiast. A more prominent example being Dulquer Salmaan, the famous South Indian actor who owns 3 of these Land Cruisers (his father Mammootty having owned both J80 and the J200 LC).

Toyota Land Cruiser J200. Photo by Arman Tomato on

The J200 Land Cruiser was the first Land Cruiser ever to be exclusively available in India in 2010. Launched in 2007, the J200 came a bit late in India in order to compete with the Audi Q7, Mercedes GL Class & the Volvo XC90. It was relatively cheaper, reliable & more off road capable than its rivals. For the first time, a diesel V8 was available in form of a 4.5litre 268 bhp monster. Already tasting success with the Fortuner, Toyota gained more popularity thanks to the Land Cruiser and its smaller sibling, the Land Cruiser Prado. The Prado was also launched in 2004 and remained true to the Land Cruiser name and sold in reasonably good numbers.

 Even though the Land cruiser is discontinued in India courtesy of the BS6 norms, one can still get these beasts from the second-hand markets. Still one can find them reliable and capable enough to tackle any unwanted situation on road.

Since the discontinuation, it has been rumored that the next generation of Land Cruiser may be a plug-in hybrid. Hopefully Toyota make sure that the next gen still has a good off-road capability. Because it’s a Land Cruiser baby.

2000-10: The Best Decade for Indian Automobile Industry


The year 2000 started a decade, which had success with the economy of the country. The decade had its own ups and downs indeed, but as remarked by one of my professors as a watershed decade, with 2007 being that year when for the first time we were able to connect our cellphones to the computers with the help of some auxiliary cables. Now there is one more industry which has seen a better transition from noob to a pro-level, which is the Automobile Industry of India. The car market was and is still lead by the one & only Maruti Suzuki, whose best-seller the Alto(a car my family own) trumped the previous best-seller of MS itself the 800.

Maruti Alto(f8)

Not only that, but Mahindra came to the industry with the Scorpio & Bolero to compete with Tata Motors’ Safari & Sumo. Maruti, on the other hand, introduced the Grand Vitara, which was the first car in India made by Suzuki to have a V6 engine for the market though it was a petrol. Sadly, just like the Baleno sedan, it failed. But MS didn’t fail in one thing, which was the Swift, a car brought in to fight the one-year-old Hyundai Getz. The Swift became another halo car for the Japanese-Indian carmaker after the legendary 800, Zen & Alto. More than half of the people in the country still bought Marutis. Simultaneously, carmakers like Tata motors went on with their first made in India(made famous by Modiji) hatchback & sedan, the Indica & Indigo. They even went further to build a station wagon based on the Indigo, called the Marina(the same Maruti did with Baleno). The only reason why Tata was successful with the Marina was the availability of a diesel motor in that car. The Indica was also successful because of a fuel-efficient (but rather unreliable) diesel engine(TDI, not the VW one). One more thing they did with the Safari is that they launched a limited edition of the mk1 Safari which had a Playstation 2 for the backseat entertainment(what a time to be a backbencher) which for that time is a real-time luxury for the gaming enthusiasts. Moving on with Honda, Vtec really kicked in with the Enthusiasts(though a bit late). The City, Civic, Accord(also available with a V6) and the CRV were getting slow but steady attention with the customers. And even Hyundai, thanks to its brand ambassador, none other than the one & only Shah Rukh Khan(no romantic fantasies please) had great successes with Santro, Accent, Verna & I10 at that time, But failed with the Terracan & Sonata V6. 

Hyundai Terracan

Now talking about the Germans, how can we forget the German big 3, Mercedes-Benz, BMW & VW(Audi is under the ownership of VW) have gained a strong foothold in the luxury car market. Even now there is a good demand for a second hand Mercedes E Class or a BMW 3 Series and even an Audi Q7 with the behemoth 4.2 V8 Diesel engine. And even the Czech company Skoda’s Octavia & Laura is still regarded by the enthusiasts for their build quality & charm. And Porsches still sold the 911s with the manual gearbox(the 997). PDK came later. And not to forget the Cayenne, Panamera, Boxster & Cayman.

Now there are some more Japanese car companies known for the reliability and utilitarian approach such as:

  1. Toyota: for the Qualis, Corolla, Camry, The OG Land Cruiser and the Prado, Prius & the Fortuner. Not to forget the Imported Lexus LX470(Basically a Land Cruiser underneath).
  2. Mitsubishi: Lancer/Lancer Evo, Cedia, The almighty Pajero/Montero, Outlander .
  3. Nissan: Micra, The Drift king 370Z, the OG R35 GTR, Xtrail, Terrano & Kicks.
  4. Isuzu: Mu-7(later the MUX), V Cross, and the D-Max for the commercial use.
Mitsubishi Pajero SFX

Also not to forget, there were the Big Americans with Ford leading the game with the Endeavour, Fiesta, Figo, latest-gen Figo & Aspire, Ecosport, and the 2015 Mustang GT(S550). Sadly Ford doesn’t sell the Stang with the 6-speed manual, instead, it gets a sluggish auto gearbox. Sadly the Ecoboost engines in the Fiesta and Ecosport have fewer buyers.

Ford Mustang GT tuned by Racetech India

Talkin’ about General Motors, We saw the ones which were not purely American, like the Captiva, Optra, Beat, Cruze(Sold in the US)and the Trailblazer(The Americanised Isuzu MUX). Chevy also sold the OG Subaru Forester as the Chevy Forester. But never came a proper American, say a Camaro or Corvette or its Pick up Trucks.

Chevrolet Cruze VCDI

Maruti also learned from its previous diesel mistakes(The TUD5 was a terrible choice for Zen & Esteem buyers) and bought the Fiat Multijet diesel(Dubbed as DDIS) in the Swift, then in the DZire, SX4 and more cars until 2019-20. 

Maruti Swift mk2

Italians like Fiats, Maseratis & Lamborghinis were also becoming a little too rare sights in the country since the mid-2000s as cars like the Gallardo, the Quattroporte & Gran Turismo was bought by various rich petrolheads. Ferrari got its fair share of attention thanks to previous owners like Sachin Tendulkar(The God) & Sanjay Dutt. Fiats cars like the Punto, Palio & Linea were also winning the hearts of people. But service costs and spare parts were a major letdown for Fiat. These reasons also continued until Fiat departed from the country for good. Miss the Abarth Punto and the Palio. 

Ferrari F360 (6-speed gated manual transmission)

The Introduction of Brits like Jaguar & Land Rover(Owned by Tata Motors) has opened up the already exclusive Indian car market to some tasteful luxury sedans & off-road SUVs like the Range Rover Vogue & Sport. Today, half of the Bollywood and other Film Industry personalities are using the Rangies more than those Mercs and Beemers they used to get chauffered in around. And Rolls Royce & Bentleys, which is only under the range of the A-Listers and the big moneyed people who cannot compromise with luxury & comfort over anything is being given a preferable consideration since both being the epitome of Luxury & Status.

A Second Hand Range Rover Vogue up for sale @ Big Boy Toyz

Hence, the decade of 2000-2010 was not only a good one for the automobile enthusiasts in India, also it was the decade good for the other Industries.

This isn’t over with this as there is still a lot more to be told about this. Till then, Stay tuned and follow on instagram @SirJosePaulDavid for more automotive content and details.

Maruti Suzuki Zen: – A Childhood Obsession Turned Teenage Love

Maruti Zen(MH410)

Maruti Suzuki is a leader of the Indian car market, which has introduced a lot of innovative products right with the advent of the 800 in the 80’s & 90’s. Cars like the 800, Gypsy, Omni(initially called Maruti Van) and then the 1000( Later called “Esteem”). But there was one such car which has captured the hearts of every Indian car enthusiasts like no other, The one & only Maruti Zen.

The Maruti Zen MH410 Assembly line. Courtesy :- team bhp

The Zen was launched by Maruti on 22 May 1993. The name “Zen” was an acronym for “Zero Engine Noise”. It was based on the Suzuki Cervo Mode Mk4. And it was basically introduced to replace the 800, which by that time was the biggest seller for MSIL at that time. The reasons for that was the fact that the 800 was ageing and was not having much of creature comforts. Within a while, the Zen replaced the 800 as the best seller for MSIL, even though the latter remained in production due to the demand and love people had for it.

The MH410 Zen was the first Zen to be sold in India. It had an all-aluminium 1 litre Suzuki G10B engine which produced around 50 bhp @ 6000 RPM. It was also sold in Europe as the Alto (a brand we saw in the 2000’s). Another major update was a 5-speed manual gearbox which meant better performance & fuel economy. Along with that, a 3-speed automatic gearbox was also offered. The Zen was an instant hit in the automobile sector due to its fun to drive and value for money characteristics. The 5-speed gearbox was a first in segment, alongside an all-aluminium engine.

Then there was another model by the name of Zen Classic with same specifications but with cosmetic changes like the retro looking front & rear. But this model didn’t find much success due to its redundant styling.

2000 Maruti Zen MPFI

Then in 2000, Maruti introduced the Multi Point Fuel Injection engine with 4 valves/ cylinder and power was up to 60 bhp. At the same time, the Zen was also given diesel power in form of the Peugeot TUD5 diesel inline-4 engine (same in the post 2000 Esteem) for people with fuel costs in the mind. The diesel was therefore discontinued due to low demand, which I feel is justified due to the clatter the engine made the diesel Zen unbearable.

Maruti Zen Carbon Courtesy :- unknown

Another model which Maruti launched was a 3-door version, either called Zen Carbon or Zen steel. This 3-door model was also sold in low numbers due to the fact that the Indian Car buyers at that time were just going for creature comforts instead of performance and enjoyment. That slowly killed the now popular among the millenials Zen Carbon.

Maruti Zen tiger. Courtesy :- Drivetribe

Then in 2003, Maruti introduced a better facelifted Zen with just cosmetic changes codenamed the “Zen Tiger” which carried out the same petrol engine with the same gearbox. The Tiger was phased out in 2006 which meant the Death of the original Zen.

Maruti Zen Estilo(2006)
Maruti Estilo K10B

Now in 2006, Maruti launched the next gen Zen called the “Zen Estilo”. It was basically based on the Suzuki MR Wagon (Wagon R in India), and the Nissan Moco. In the Indonesian market, it was called the Suzuki Karimun Estilo. The new “Tall boy” design was meant to take on Hyundai’s Santro. But build quality of the Zen Estilo and its successor (the Estilo with the K10B motor) was a major disaster, leading to its failure in the Indian market. Whereas the Wagon R was a major success. Hence in 2012, Maruti stopped the production of the Estilo, resulting into the permanent death of the Zen.

Talking about the admiration towards the Zen by the consumers, the people are still crazy about MH410 and the MPFI Zen. It is still a favourite in the Indian Racing scene and still considered to be the first choice of a car by hardcore enthusiasts who prefer driving cars with a good fun to drive character. The original Zen had the charm, aura and the power to drive anyone crazy. Just like the 800, there might be someone in our contacts or relation who had owned one of these or has one. And for those who wanted to upgrade from the 800, the Zen was the best alternative for that. Even today one can find a Zen with pristine condition and can own it at half of its original cost. Such is the demand of the Zen despite being discontinued for half a decade.

That’s why Maruti Zen can never be replaced. It is a thing of beauty. You may just fall in love with it. Just a Japanese kei car with minimal features which can also be a lovely thing to drive. That’s the Zen

The New Generation of “Toyotas”


Toyota is an automobile company which is famous for building cars with a reputation of being reliable & indestructible. Cars like the Landcruisers, Hilux, Tacoma, Fortuner, Innova & Prius plus legends like the mk4 Supra, Celica, the 86 & Corolla were the ones which made Toyota a force to reckon with. But in recent times, something strange is happening to this car manufacturer.

In the recent years(as we could label it a sacrilege), Toyota partnered up with German automaker BMW & badge- engineered bimmer’s Z4 and renamed it as the mk5 Supra. This move unusually garnered a mixed response from the automobile enthusiasts of each & every generation. Some, who didn’t have the idea of what even the name “Supra” meant for petrolheads were surprised by the the criticism people had for it. Even though i do not despise the design and the fact that all the BMWs are for the enthusiast drivers, but I think purity of the previous gen supras was lost in this generation.

Toyota Supra A80

Moreover, there was a battle between purists and people who love the new Supra in which even the latter group admitted the fact that the old Supra was the OG and it’s twin turbo inline-six motor called 2JZ-GTE made around 320 bhp at that time, which was enough to tear up a dragstrip. The new Supra has the same 3 litre inline-six motor of the current BMW Z4 which just only makes around 330 bhp and mated only to an 8 speed zf automatic gearbox as compared to the older one which was also available with an enthusiast favorite 6 speed manual gearbox. And the way people received it as a Nissan Skyline GTR competitor and immortalised it as a legend.

Toyota Glanza
Toyota Urban Cruiser

Now its not only the Supra, Toyota has also done the same with other cars too. The Glanza, which is a badge-engineered Maruti Suzuki Baleno(which people call a tin can due to its build quality) and Vitara Brezza(The Urban Cruiser). Even the PR campaigns were to some extent same as the Maruti ones. Therefore a classic example of high end cost-cutting is being displayed by Toyota. I don’t know the reason for the same but this is totally below even Toyota’s own standards. A company known for cars which can allegedly surpass their owners, Toyota shouldn’t be badge engineering cars with poor build quality(Sorry Maruti Suzuki). Even cars like the Mirai( a Fuel cell EV powered by hydrogen) may have a weird design language but is innovative and reliable. Also, the decision regarding Supra hasn’t gone well with me despite being impressed with the design of the car.

So, being a purist I have to say that Toyota must stick to their previous ways of bringing revolution with a sense of reliability. Rather than badge engineering, Toyota must do something like they did with the Prius(hated by petrolheads, loved equally by environmental activists & folks who think before spending any money on fossil fuel). And I hope Toyota takes my opinion in a constructive way. And Maruti, stop building shitboxes like the SPresso and build cars like the good old Zen.

P.S. this is entirely my own thoughts and nothing has been written to hurt any sentiments.

Top 10 Project Cars in India

Source :-Pinterest

We Indians have been blessed with a lot of cars, be it the old, new or the upcoming ones. But the trend of cars brought and tuned or customised on one’s own taste has been lately picking up the pace. Thanks to the social media trend of flaunting the hot rides by some car tuning companies, enthusiasts have started favoring old cars more than the newer ones. Whats more interesting is the fact that sometimes the engines are either swapped for some better motor or tubocharged with their ECU remapped by some tuning companies.

Here are some cars which enthusiasts will definitely pick for their project cars:-

  1. Maruti Suzuki ZEN.
Courtesy:- B.S. Motoring

One of the most prominent cars of the 90’s, the Zen was the most popular car for Maruti after the 800. Even after being discontinued for more than a decade, this car still has a strong value in the second hand car market. Now one can easily get one of these at the cost of an Apple IPhone 8 or more( not to sell your kidneys bro). Whats more interesting is the engine swaps as the new owners will replace the old but gold 1 litre petrol motor for a more bigger 1.3 or even 1.6l ones. If you wanna look more sporty, there is a 3 door model tentatively named Zen Carbon or Steel which would be a rare find.

2. Honda City (Type Z):-

Source:- Team BHP

The Honda City (Type Z) spec is one of the most prominent executive car of India. It actually was a big upgrade for Maruti Esteem owners and was a very famous choice for rich people of the 90’s and 2000’s. The 1.5l Vtec motor had a powerband which is well regarded by car enthusiasts around the country. Japanese build made sure the car was reliable and fun to drive. Also mileage was also not bad for that standards. Nowadays you can see a modified Honda City Vtec with a lot of mods and customisations made by the owners to extract the performance out of this machine. Such a joy for every petrolhead in India.

3.Mitsubish Pajero:-

Source Cartoq

The Pajero was the off roader SUV built to go anywhere. Initially imported and owned by people like Shah Rukh Khan, Mohanlal & Mammootty etc, the demand of this beast in India gave Mitsubishi confidence to launch it in India. Even though the current iteration, The Pajero Sport is selling well the demand of the older version is still high in the market. It has such an image that even millenial offroad enthusiasts will buy this over anything in its segment.

4. Skoda Octavia vRS (2000-08):-

Source:- OLX

Skoda Octavia was the first car ever to be sold by the Czech carmaker in India. A lot of people bought this car, especially Politicians, business executives etc. But the most powerful model of this car, the vRS was bought by less no of people, or say real enthusiasts who realised the worth of performance over features. Now rarely one can see this on streets. This car and the standard Octavia was also available as an Estate, which is much rare as the vRs car itself.

5. Maruti Baleno:-

Source:- Stay Tuned India/ Instagram

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno was a car bought by Suzuki to compete with the Honda City. Though it didn’t sell in numbers enough to give Honda a tough competition, it did became a favorite among the enthusiast. This car was also sold in an Estate version called the Baleno Altura, which only sold in quite a low number. even today it is not that tough to see a good example in a pristine condition. I wish Indians had also given it a glance Maruti’s image of selling affordable cars was another reason of its failure. An underrated legend though

6. VW Polo GT Tsi:-

Source:- Petes Tuned/ Instagram

The Volkswagen Polo GT TSI was the Hot Hatch which gave momentum to the Hot Hatch scene in India. a 7 Speed Dual Clutch Gearbox and a turbocharged 1.2l 4 cylinder engine made this car a hot seller for VW. Owners could opt for aftermarket paddle shifters as it was not standard. The dual clutch transmission was a first in class feature in this car. The car sold like hot cakes and half of the owners opted to tune this car to make it more powerful than the stock 105 bhp. The turbocharged engine meant it could be fuel efficient if driven in a good manner and taken care of in a similar way. And the modified exhaust notes with pops & crackles made this car a joy to drive

7. Chevrolet Cruze.

Courtesy:- Cartoq

The Chevrolet Cruze was another best selling car which competed with the Toyota Corolla, Skoda Laura(Octavia), Honda Civic etc. It had a 2 litre turbocharged diesel engine which had a power of 156 bhp(166 in the later facelift), and a torque of 360 NM. This combined with either a 6 speed manual or automatic gearbox made the Cruze a force to reckon with. This car became an instant favorite among enthusiasts and the fact that one can have fun driving this car while saving money on fuel was another reason for its success. But sadly, Chevy had to pull out of the Indian Market due to poor sales of other cars in the brand and thus ended the affair with the Cruze.

8. HM Contessa

Courtesy:- TeamBHP

The HM Contessa was the most undisputed car of the 90’s. From Businessmen to Politicians, this car was an instant favorite among the Indian car enthusiast. Although powered by a 1.8l Isuzu petrol engine( Same as the Ambassador) which made merely 88 Bhp, this car was just bought by people only to be comfortably chauffered around in the backseat. It got out of competition in 2000 after not being able to keep up with the competition. Nowadays, people are buying it, restoring it and installing some snazzy 22″ wheels in order to flaunt it around. It even got featured in some of the punjabi songs, which usually had advertised a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari(No pun intended).

9 Honda Civic:-

Source:- Cartoq

The Honda Civic of this generation was an enthusiasts’ favorite. Powered by a 1.8l Ivtec engine which had a power of around 120 bhp or more, this car was a fun to drive and way too superior in terms of quality. The engine either had a 5 speed manual or automatic gearbox, out of which the former was preferred more than the latter. Enthusiasts either got it turbocharged or ECU remapped to extrect more performance. The latest spec Civic is just a misstep for Honda but the Fk8 Civic will always be an enthusiast favorite.

10. Mercedes E Class(W124):-

Courtesy:- Overdrive

The w124 generation of Mercedes E class was brought into India by Tata motors and assembled at Tata’s factory in Maharashtra. Prior to that people used to import mercs, especially the w123 saloons in India. The engines included a 2 ltre petrol or 2.5 litre diesel motor mated to either a manual or automatic gearbox. The w124 became an instant favorite among the celebs and the businessmen. Petrolheads regard this as the most finest Merc to enter India as the build quality was strong and uncompromised. We can find a w124 in a pristine condition and purchase it at a price of a current gen Ford Figo in India.

So that is the top cars which could be used as a project car. If you like this pice of information. do share it and subscribe to this page. And Happy Motoring.

Of Marriages, Loyalty & Cheatings

August Alsina ; Jada & Will Smith. Courtesy:-

Will Smith is one of the greatest Hip Hop artiste turned actors of the Hollywood Film Industry. Men in Black Trilogy, Bad Boys Franchise, The Pursuit of Happiness etc are some of his most prolific movies in his career. More than that, wife Jada Pinkett & kids Trey, Jaden & Willow are also working in Hollywood.

In recent days, Will & Jada were in news for some wrong reason, which is a love triangle involving Jada & rapper August Alsina. According to Alsina, Will gave his consent to his relationship with Jada. This was then confirmed by both Will & Jada in a talk show called “Red Table Talk”.

Red Table Talk

I gotta appreciate this family for being bold & honest but still being supportive for each other. . But WIll Smith being true to his On-Screen persona, talked things out & remained by Jada’s side. He had realised the importance of family and sticking together despite whatever the circumstance is. And most of the people who are antagonizing Jada, there are chances of half of them cheating on their own partners & being judgemental towards others. And the matter of fact, they were separated for that period of time. So there is no reason why people should hate Jada Pinkett Smith. And what Will did is what heroes are made up of . No one could have done this for his or her own partner what he has done for Jada. So the conclusion is that no matter whatever wrong a person does, Its always true love which makes them stay together. At the end, people who love each other truly stays together. So nobody is perfect. Hence, Love wins everything.

Maserati Nettuno V6: Goodbye Ferrari

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Italy, a country known for its history & car companies is a very synonymous place for each & every automobile enthusiasts. Such is a company called Maserati, known for its cars powered by Ferrari engines like the Quattroporte, Ghibli, MC12, Levante & the Gran Turismo. Maserati & Fiat is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which also owns the brands like Dodge, Jeep, Fiat & more.

But during the recent times, which indeed is a bad time for all of us Maserati declared an end of partnership with Ferrari for engine use & announced the arrival of it’s own engines. Now what they have showcased is a Small 3 litre twin turbocharged V6 named “Nettuno”, after a town in Rome, Italy. What stands out is their figues :- 630 Bhp @7500 RPM & 738.68 NM of torque @5000 RPM. And the Redline of the engine is @8000 RPM. Maserati will use this engine in the upcoming MC20, the Spiritual Successor to the MC12.

Ford 3.5 twin turbo Ecoboost V6

Now it seems like after ending it’s agreement with Ferrari, Maserati is taking a bold step by going big on power with considerably smaller engines. Simultaneously, Ferrari seems to go the Ford way. As we all know that Ford is offering its cars with a powerful range of engines called the Ecoboost, which is available as a 3,4 or V6 Cylinder engines. Apparently these engines are big on power but small in size, which as Ford says is to save more fuel. Cars like the Focus, Fiesta and even the LeMans racing Ford GT uses these engines( the GT using the highly specced 3.5 V6 engine). Even the Pick up Trucks like the Ranger & the F150, including the Raptor uses these engines.

Now another reason why I am Comparing Maserati with Detroit based Ford is due to their Moves on Downsizing their future engine for their products. I mean the MC 20 is going to use the 3 litre V6, which is the same step which Ford took while making the Current gen GT(which is slightly more powerful than the Nettuno V6), since this car might be used to race in the championships like the LeMans and the 24hr Nurburgring, I think it’s quite a bold move from Maserati after ditching engines sourced out from Ferrari. As it is unknown about the gearbox & other specifications, I wish Maserati could use this occasion to make a manual gearbox for this car even though automatic gearboxes ares till welcome for me. Maserati do make a manual transmission for this one please.

As for now, I am waiting to see this car in flesh and hope this becomes a successful outcome for the carmaker. All the best Maserati.

Selective Apathy, Hypocrisy & Crocodile Tears of Social Media

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So, It’s been more two weeks since Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. A lot of us witnessed a lot of condolences, tributes by various news channels(not considering AajTak’s version) and a lot of blame game on the “Starkids” of Bollywood which has spread a huge amount of rumors & negativity among a lot of people. And not to forget people who became Mental Therapists in order to “avoid further suicides”.

Then comes the bunch of people, who can react to the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala but keeps mum on the same kind of incident with a cow(which got it’s jaw blown up and survived) somewhere in Himachal Pradesh. What’s more infuriating was the fact that these so called animal lovers did not check the whole story and used it to gain attention in these platforms by insulting Keralites and the literacy rate of the State itself. Above all of these, some people created false stories of the links of the accused with terror groups like ISIS & others. Meanwhile the case of cow in HP did not find any single mention on social media, except a few people who did report this news for the sake of getting the matter into the mainstream. But given the fact that death creates or invites more attention than some injury or burn, the so called Animal Lovers of Social Media gave it a miss. Now this was done with a purpose, which in itself is an eye opener. As a fact , though it’s a bit political but Kerala is governed by a Communist Administration whereas HP is ruled by the BJP led NDA govt. It might be due to this, that the case of HP did not garner much attention than that of the Elephant in Kerala. Thankfully they did give attention to the custodial deaths of a Father-Son duo of Tamil Nadu by the hands of the Police, which is akin to the George Floyd Murder case in the USA.

Now talking about the whole Social Media scenario during these times, a lot of people have been utilising this platform in a wrong sense just to entertain themselves as I see. The trends like the Dalgona Coffee Challenge etc are not wrong but unethical and redundant in my opinion. But it also shows how people can ignore a crisis and still entertain & satisfy themselves. And in case if someone like Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor & Sushant Singh Rajput dies or commits suicide, condolences comes in form of social media posts & stories in Fb, Twitter or Instagram and more. But they will never realise the fact that their posts and stories are just a way of showing or creating fake sympathy. ANd these are the same people, who won’t care a damn about what they have said earlier and start trolling other people and make them feel low. Now that’s how the world works. But I feel a time has come if we make a change in our lives and stop faking sympathy and shedding crocodile tears. And also stop spreading hate on people on the basis of their choices and lifestyle( if it is not harmful to others). If we are successful in doing this, then as humans we can succeed and lead an example.

P.S. this blog is not written to hurt anyone’s sentiments or fake any kind of sympathy.

Of Nepotism, Destroyed Careers , Fake People on Social Media & Unverified Claims

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A few days ago, Sushant Singh Rajput who portrayed M.S. Dhoni in the latter’s biopic committed suicide. A Lot of things happened in these six days which were condolences from people of all walks of life, people from the film fraternity which allegedly was treating Sushant as a leftover& Common people. Many people called Sushant’s suicide as a case of depression, which is the result of losing 7 film roles in a row. Many blamed Karan Johar(the so called father of Bollywood Nepotism), Salman Khan(The Deer Hunter), Ekta Kapoor(Balaji Telefilms) And now they blame his girlfriend for this.

Now here is my honest opinion on the incidents happened in the following:-

  1. Filing petitions for boycotting these production houses & their movies & programmes will never work. I repeat never. Because they all have a lot of money, connections, & power to do whatever they want to do.
  2. Labeling KJo as the flagbearer of Nepotism is quite pointless. Because his films are devoid of any good content. Example:- Student of The Year Series, Kalank(an accurate title for this movie), Drive( which sadly had Sushant as the main lead). So are the movies produced by companies like YRF, Nadiadwala & Grandson(Baaghi trilogy, Humshakals etc). So KJo is not alone in this case.
  3. Actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi(our very own Kaleen bhaiya from Mirzapur), Randeep Hooda, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Deepak Dobriyal etc are never given any kind of recognition which they deserve. Because we give preference to shitty content like TikTok and Social Media Influencers.
  4. As an audience, most of the Indians will only prefer Movies like SOTY series, Baaghi trilogy(the second movie is the one which I regret to have watched in theatre) & other big budget movies devoid of any content. And we are the ones protesting against Nepotism & its products.
  5. Magazines related to the film Industry, which are posting pictures of SSR after his death(some even going to an extent of posting pictures of his dead body) is quite ironic. And as said by Saif Ali Khan, It’s an insult to the dead & also shows how hypocrisy is filled in the minds of the people.
  6. Production houses like Dharma, YRF etc makes movies with people who might not have talent, but are handsome, beautiful & CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO. they won’t make any film without the people who fulfills his criteria mentioned above.
  7. Whatever is Posted on Social Media by random people are unreliable to a much bigger extent. So don’t believe what they are saying.

Now there are people who are turning into therapists after this incident on social media so that they wont “see incidents like these in the future”. What’s more worse than this? I mean to please people on social media, these are the ones to follow those Movements like the Dalgona Coffee Challenge, make those shitty TikTok videos, Posting pictures with some thoughtful captions & then posting pics with their parents with captions like “Happy Birthday dad/ mom” ” Happy Father’s/Mothers day”, which in fact most of them won’t express their feelings in person . I mean I also include myself into these things as I’ve done these things in my past. Then I realised these things are just a waste of time. No point of doing these stuff if you are faking it.

Talking about Nepotism, It does exist in each & every field of work. It’s not the Bollywood alone, the whole Indian Film Industry is filled with the Dynasties & generations of families. Prominent names of the Malayalam Film Industry like Prithviraj & Indrajith Sukumaran, Fahad Faasil, Dulquer Salmaan, Pranav Mohanlal are also Starkids. But their work is very much different from the starkids of Bollywood as they have proved their mettle in different genres of movies and portraying a variety of roles in their movies, be it a protagonist or an antagonist or a supporting role. And the movies which they do have better content to watch, for example Kumbalangi Nights, Jallikattu, Trance etc. Some of these actors are treated like Demigods in the state. Indeed they do some commercial potboilers but they are worth a one time watch as compared to movies like Humshakals etc. Even the Tamil & Telugu Film Industry have people like Shruti & Akshara Haasan, Dhanush(of Kolaveri Di fame), Jeyam Ravi, Silambarasan etc. But the variety of content & their acting credentials are the reasons which makes Nepotism a redundant debate in the south Industry as both the starkids & the Outsiders are given equal chances. Hence it has two different sides of the coin.

P.S. All that I’ve written are my own thoughts with some amount of research and real life instances. No intention of hurting anybody’s sentiments are being served here.

The Pandemic Called Suicide

A Random Pic Depicting Mental Stress. Credits: Unknown

The year 2020 has been one of the most terrible years in the history of human existence. We witnessed the attack of a virus named after a beer, deaths of many people. Most of the people died of the virus itself, some by some kinds of ailments and some by killing themselves off. Yes, a lot of people have committed suicide during these times. Be it common people, celebrities or from the corporate sector a lot of people without any hesitation have taken such step. One of them being Sushant Singh Rajput.

Bollywood has lost greats like Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Sajid Khan(of the Sajid-Wajid duo) & now Sushant Singh Rajput. I can’t believe the one who played the role of M.S. Dhoni in his biopic, just killed himself. This news comes just few days after his former Manager, Disha Salion took this extreme step. Indeed this whole period since March 24 has been one hell of a period for all of us, Courtesy of the COViD-19 crisis but It would be the worst thing to just kill yourself off for no reason. If you have any mental trauma, you just need to talk to friends and solve these issues. And if you give up your life over some petty issues like love affair or something like that, then my folks you need to get this into your mind that you live for yourself not for others. Facing that situation and winning it would be the best thing one can ever do.

Talking about Sushant, I have watched him in a dance reality show. One thing which was noticeable was his spirited attitude towards everything. Then he did Kai Po Che, an Adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel called Three Mistakes of My Life. Then came Shudhdh Desi Romance, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi & PK(as Sarfaraz). Then came M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story, based on the former skipper of the Indian Cricket team also known for his tenacity as both the captain of the team and as a member of the team. Then he did some forgettable films like Raabta & Drive. His last theatrical release was Chichchore, a movie dealing with mental stress which he was undergoing before committing suicide. I mean there was a dialogue in that movie which clearly depicted our attitude towards failure, which could lead to depression. And that too was Sushant’s own dialogue. Its quite unbelievable for a lot of us, who have seen him as the Captain Cool in the biopic. MSD himself had gone through a lot of struggles and heartbreak but became triumphant and is still ruling his team despite leaving captaincy to Virat Kohli. Still this happened to Sushant. They say if you are rich and well known, then your life is good, which is false to an extent if things go wrong somewhere.

After seeing this, all I have to say is that the concept of competition in life is worthless & useless and is quite a misplaced notion. I don’t know why people do it for fame, attention and to grab some mention in the gossip, but this whole thing sometimes makes me sick of it. People need to give their lives and well being a priority rather than indulging into some shitty competition of gaining any position in the society, which rather promotes such shitty stuff. And those people who love to live with such nonsensical notion need to think about it.Not that I am against any kinds of luxuries and comfort in life, but I think It needs to be in a balanced way that it doesn’t become a liability for you.

And one more thing to those who are circulating pictures of lifeless bodies of people after their suicide, please stay away from such nonsense. I don’t think it is sensible at any cost. So Stop indulging into such practices and respect someone’s privacy.

Elephants, Kerala & the Social Media Propaganda

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Kerala, a state known for two things which are it’s literacy rate & elephants. A few days ago, Kerala was in news for wrong reason which was the death of a pregnant wild elephant after consuming a firecracker laden pineapple. Some labeled it as a death of humanity, while others called it a cold blooded murder. It also started a malicious mud-slinging campaign on social media, mocking the state’s literacy rate.

So here is what actually happened :-

  1. The pregnant elephant was not intentionally fed with that pineapple by someone.
  2. It accidentally ate that explosive fruit, which was kept to fend off wild boars to protect the crops as the area surrounded a lot of crops.
  3. Though the method is illegal, it was used to protect crops from wild boars.
  4. This incident happened in Palakkad, not in Mallapuram as mentioned earlier.
  5. No communal connection has been reported or discovered yet.
  6. The Forest Department of Kerala & the police have filed a case and investigations are on the way.
  7. The Forest Department came to the scene ASAP & tried its best, but all in vain

So since this case came into forefront, the social media has been filled with a lot of posts from various people expressing their anger & sadness over this incident. But a Supreme Court Advocate named Prashant Patel Umrao made an objectionable tweet which was later deleted by twitter. The tweet said Kerala’s muslim youths are joining ISIS and the person responsible for the elephant case is an ISIS recruit, made me think about the ways in which propaganda against a state led by a Non BJP govt. were spread in unchecked ways. Not only that, people have started targetting even non-vegetarian people and asked them to shut their mouths. I mean what on earth is wrong with these people?

For the unknown, the elephant is Kerala state’s Iconic animal. Secondly, temples like the Guruvayoor temple in Thrissur & other Hindu temples have always depicted these tuskers in a respectable way. In a sense, the Guruvayoor temple has a total of 59 elephants, who are sheltered in a place called Punnathurkotta( a former royal palace). Even these tuskers are also decorated during the temple festivals as you see in this picture.

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Now, the hate spread over the social media is totally false & unacceptable. People like Umrao, as far as I think should stop spreading such false information and look clearly into the incident. Mostly, the so called animal lovers who “find animals better than humans” and spread such kind of hatred towards people of that area should get a life. Accusing the people of a state where elephants can be found in almost each & every rural households is nothing less of a propaganda.

As for now, I sign off and hope things change for good. And all that I have written are just my thoughts and some proper information. I don’t have any intention to hurt anyone.


The Venom Called Supremacy

George Floyd being choked to death by Derek Chauvin

United States Of America, or USA for a lot of us is the land of the brave. The land which gave birth to people like Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr.,Sylvester Stallone, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama etc. But when it comes to accepting that level of diversity, there are some folks who cannot tolerate people from different race or caste, live equally in this world. Not that it happens in the US alone, this shit happens everywhere. But whatever happens, it’s horrible for the one who experience it and those who witness it.

The fact that it happened in a country like US is also regular as the minorities, especially the African-Americans have to suffer due to this stigma caused due to the notion of So Called Supremacy. Who is to be blamed for this? Is it the Govt, which is of course headed by an idiot(America you made a big mistake, sorry but no sorry) or this phenomena called white supremacy. I mean both are to be blamed for their role in this discrimination. Indeed Trump has pardoned people who were wrongly imprisoned, courtesy of people like Stallone( for an Afro-American boxer of WW1 era) & Kim Kardashian( for Alice Marie Johnson) who endorsed their respective campaigns. But since he took over as the president of US, cases of discrimination has been on a high.

There has been a lot of cases in which people from the minority section were either harrased, discriminated or simply murdered away. The recent cases of Floyd & Breonna Taylor( again murdered by the Louisville police) is the reason why one should never migrate to a country like the US. I mean if the Police Force acts in a barbaric manner, then you will easily lose your faith in the system of Law & Order. I know corruption in Police is a situation faced in every country, but this is much worse. Protectors of Law being Lawbreakers themselves is an unimaginable situation. And these are the same Police force, due to which Hip-Hop groups like N.W.A. and musicians like Tupac Shakur,Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z etc have to release songs against them. I recommend y’all to listen to Fuck Tha Police by N.W.A. It is a big reminder of such people around us.

Now, as I said earlier this is not the case with America. Discrimination & Prejudice is everywhere. Not only the Police, you will find people with such mindsets at any place like School(a prominent example where teachers segregate b/w Toppers & Average students), College, Hospital, or any working place. No matter wherever you go, this evil will never leave you.

Thankfully there are people on social media, who has started a movement called Black Lives Matter which is a great initiative. But I feel we need to rise above all this bullshit and fight this thing called Prejudice , which prompts us to be discriminative against people of a particular caste, religion & gender.

On a personal note, Even though I am not a gay, I was bullied for this sole reason. Sometimes I felt like the guy wanted me to just reveal my orientation, which was due to his false perception of me being gay(absolutely not). Then I realised the fact that prejudice is the worst thing a person can ever spread all. And add to Conspiracy theories, your life becomes hell.

I always believe if prejudice is eliminated from the society, half of the problems would be over. Discrimination of any type is a violation against human rights which sadly is not realised by us. Well, I hope time will come when these were just a history

Grand Theft Auto:The GOAT of Games

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If you are a kid born in the 90’s or 2000 or after that, you might be synonymous with this epic game. Developed by DMA design(now known as Rockstar Games) in 1997, this game was a huge success at that time. This game started the most successful gaming franchise after the Need For Speed franchise. Indeed, this is the games which is a favorite among Petrolheads & Adventure enthusiasts. This is Grand Theft Auto.

I am quite sure you all have played one of the GTA games, be it the Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas or the GTA 5. Well if you haven’t, then you are going to heaven. This gaming franchise has some connection with Hollywood, with voiceovers of big names from Hollywood like Samuel L Jackson as the main antagonist of the GTA San Andreas, Ray Liotta(as the lead protagonist of Vice City), late Henry Fonda( San Andreas).

The game play is quite interesting as the main character which you play, is a criminal. Whether a Big Shot or a small time one. you are given various tasks by the mafia bosses & their contemporaries in order to progress in the story. Violence is a part & parcel of this game, which I feel could be handled by players in a mature way. Either you rob someone, steal anything(car, motorcycle, money) or murder anyone anytime. And you can drive anything or fly an aircraft. And the fun part, you can own a freakin’ property or be the boss of a mafia organisation.

The most interesting game I find in the whole franchise is San Andreas. The whole backdrop of the African American(or black) mafia, the cars including those lowriders, The weaponry had a vast range of guns from a simple pistol to missile launchers in each games. Side by side, you could earn money through doing jobs like driving taxis, ambulances or protecting the law by taking up police missions & firefighting. I mean you don’t need any permission, just hop in a taxi, police car or a firetruck & do the deed.

Although this game has all sorts of worldly pleasures, be it drugs, sex or money my most favorite thing to do in this game is to earn the wrath of cops & go on a rampage, killing people in the game, blowing up cars and police helicopters and destroying everything around.

Although I’ve played only 4 versions( GTA II, Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas, V), my most favorite in this series is San Andreas due to my Admiration to the Hip Hop culture & the West Coast lifestyle & not to forget Samuel L Jackson( Even though he plays a corrupt cop Muthafucka). The whole surrounding of this game, the wars between Grove Street Boys & the Ballas gang, The corruption within the San Andreas Police Force, The portrayal of Ghetto Culture makes this game legendary by every standards. I mean featuring songs from the west coast rappers like Ice Cube(Today Was A Good Day) , Young Maylay(who is also the voice behind Carl Johnson, the protagonist). That’s what I call Genius . Even though cars like Bullet( based on Ford GT) & Infernus(based on Honda/Acura NSX) were commendable.

Source: Pinterest

GTA V is another favorite after the San Andreas. due to the choice of 3 lead heroes, out of which you could choose anyone. the weaponry is also the great thing about this game. And Just like San Andreas, you could customize any car of you choice. This game is also surrounded around San Andreas, although there is no Carl Johnson in this game.

Source: Pinterest

Now Its the GTA Vice City, which is another favorite, due to the Scarface(movie Starring Al Pacino) & Miami Vice( TV series Starring Don Johnson) Vibes. This game had Ray Liotta Voicing the lead character Tommy Vercetti. This Game had a feel of its own, given the portrayal of 80’s fashion & cars inspired by the then popular cars of the 80’s( the Infernus based on Lamborghini Countach & the Stinger based on Ferrari 365)

Now there is another installment called GTA 6 coming in the upcoming year,which I think is exciting. This time, the story of this game is set up in the Liberty City again. I wish this franchise continues for a long time & stay in the minds of this generation & the next generation.

The CringeTok Continues

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A few days ago, there was a video uploaded by a TikTok “Star” Faizal Siddiqui uploaded a video in which he is kind of promoting acid attacks on women & mysogyny. It shows how a jilted lover takes revenge on the girl who dumped him and treats her like shit.

Seriously, as claimed by Faizal himself the liquid used by him in the video wasn’t acid of any type. It was just water. And that lady’s make-up shows a broken heart. But it clearly promotes cringe content. And by content, I seriously mean bullshit. Promoting this jilted lover stuff & claiming to educate audience about new ideologies is quite ironic.

For those who don’t know who Faizal Sidiqui is, he is the elder brother of Amir Siddiqui the leader of the Nawab gang of TikTok. And you know the latter, courtesy of the now deleted roast video of Carryminati in which Amir tried to slam the youtubers for criticizing TikTokers and their videos. Honestly, Indian TikTok category is filled with a lot of shitty stuff which most of you will find annoying.

Not only this video mentioned above, but there are a lot of cringe worthy videos in this app posted by Indians. And I mean it. It’s not because of the fact that people from other nations make better TikTok videos than our fellow citizens, which they do(even though I personally despise this app). If you check the accounts of people like Mr Faisu & The Siddiqui brothers, one will only find acts like these.

Faisal Siddiqui’s TikTok Compilation

If you will watch it, you will only find videos of these idiots chasing women, talking about heartbreaks and even indulging into eve teasing which is as ironic as their claims of promoting new ideas and educating people with new thinking. If this is new thinking according to them, then I will prefer watching any cartoon than getting educated by these douchebags.

Now these boys are also not alone in this thing but girls are also there in this dipshit. I mean look at the girl in the video above. besides her, there are people like Jannat Zubair, Avneet Kaur & Monti Roy. Oh sorry Monti roy is actually a boy who fakes his identity as a girl in a realistic way due to which men get brutally cheated upon. I mean if you google his name, then you will personally feel to beat the shit out of this dumbass. And people like him are the reasons why male TikTokers are always called Hijras & Chakkas(which I think is not good). But they will never stop doing this kind of nonsense.

Then there are people who post sad shayaris and quotes on heartbreak. Indeed the most depressed folks in the world. Their quotes on friendship, love & relationships sometimes make me wonder if they were the only ones to endure pain & sadness in the whole world & Jesus Christ’s suffering was nothing for them.

Then there are people who might go to extreme level, say self harm and more than that. The most prominent example being that of Danish Zehen, who tried to shoot a video while faking his own death but lost his own life in the process in a car accident. Indeed, the Blue Whale game is far more dangerous but fatality is fatality.

On a personal note, I felt this app better than Dubsmash. But after watching the cringe videos of our own countrymen, my whole hopes were dashed. Not only that, the reports of this app being used for snooping of privacy of its users is quite annoying. This makes me lose my faith in Social Media platforms itself.

Finally, all I want to say is to say no to such cringe worthy apps and save the nest generation from growing in a cringe worthy environment. And I didn’t clearly write this to offend anyone but to express my views.

The Quintessential Maruti 800

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This is the car which is considered to be the path breaker of the Indian Automobile Industry. This is the car which let Suzuki to create a history in India. This is the car you might have either driven or travelled in once in your life. And there might be anyone within your contacts or relation who own or have owned this car. Folks, This is the one & only Maruti 800.

The story of the Maruti 800 started way back in the 1970’s when the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi and her ministers proposed the production of “The People’s Car” and a local company called Maruti Motors Limited(now Maruti Suzuki) was incorporated under the Companies Act & Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi’s son became its Managing Director. They contacted Volkswagen AG for a collaboration in order to emulate the success of the Beetle but due to the Emergency Period and Sanjay’s involvement in politics, this attempt failed and with the formation of the Janata Party Govt. Maruti Motors Ltd was liquidated. But within 3 years, The Congress formed the Govt and Maruti Udyog Ltd was brought back into function. Sadly Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane crash and was unable to see this.

In 1982, a Joint Venture Agreement was signed between Maruti Udyog Ltd & Suzuki, one of the biggest car manufacturers of Japan. Thus the Maruti 800 was born. Although all the cars were fully built and imported from Japan the Local production of these 800s started in December 1983. Here is the timeline of this legend of the Indian car market.

  1. Maruti 800 SS80 (1983-1986) :-
Picture Courtesy:- Pnterest

So This was the beginning of the era, which started the term of the most affordable car of India. Back at the time, there were cars like Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador & Contessa, Premier Padmini( Fiat 1100) & Sipani Dolphin. But none of them wouldever match the superiority and performance of the 800 in terms of specifications, comfort and design. Its 3 Cylinder 796 cc petrol engine, codenamed F8B produced around 39 bhp @ 5500 RPM and was mated with a 4 speed manual gearbox. At a time when cars only had column mounted Gearshift lever, the 800 was only available with a floor mounted gearshift lever. As I said earlier, due to its performance & features the 800 became a household name and established Maruti Suzuki as a successful collaboration of India with another company. At that time, owning this car was akin to owning a Ferrari. But the waiting period for this car was about 12 months or more than that. But still It did bring a revolution within the Indian Automotive scene. This car took over the rally stage untill Maruti Suzuki introduced the Gypsy, an off road jeep in India in 1986. This generation of the 800 remained in production for 3 years.

2. SB308(1987-1998):-

Picture Courtesy:- Pinterest

In 1987, the 800 underwent a facelift codenamed SB308. It bought some interesting changes such as the boot lid was able to open, instead of the glass hatch. And the bonnet was able to be opened by pressing the button on it, which after some realization was changed. And the Styling itself had a lot of differences as the bumpers were fully covered and the grille itself saw a lot of changes but the wheels and their dimension were the same. Interestingly, this was the first car of many celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Imtiaz Ali etc. This car never needed any upgrade even after introduction of comparatively modern cars like the Zen, which Maruti touted as a replacement for the 800 which again stayed for the coming years.

3. The Refreshed Model(1998-2014)

So this refresh was an important part of this car as for the very first time, a 5 Speed Manual gearbox was introduced with some changes in the engine which were 4 valves per cylinder as compared to the standard engine’s 2 valves per cylinder & 45 bhp @ 6000 RPM. This 5 speed version of the 800 had a top speed of 145 km/h as compared to the standard version’s 131. This also made some owners to cross the speedometer limit of 140 km/h, which was quite fun according to them. But due to some reasons, this 5 speed version of the 800 had to be discontinued.

Although there was a competition with Tata’s Nano. a brainchild of Ratan Tata, The 800 was still one of the best sellers as it was never represented as the cheapest car, but as an entry level car. Even though there was no shortage of demand, Maruti decided to put an end to one of its beloved cars in 2014 as it was unable to cope up with the emission norms. This car ran into production for 31 years, Standing next to HM Ambassador. but left a legacy which is continued by the Alto, Maruti’s flagship product. Although there were rumours of the 800 making a comeback as an EV, I hope it retains the same charm and love it had as a car with an Internal combustion engine.

Many cars may come & go, but none will ever match the charm of the 800. From Filmstars to common people, this car will always be in memory of every Indian Car enthusiast.

And Pseudo Feminism Continues

Pic Courtesy: ED Times

Feminism is a really good thing happened to all of us right now. Its theory of showing women equal to men and proposing equal rights to women is something I will always agree with. But there are these so called “Feminists”, who believe women are far more superior to men. I agree this to some extent. But it’s not that correct.

Since this incident of a social media group called Bois Locker room has came up to the forefront, naturally it was the main people of the group who were labelled criminals by all of us due to the only fact that they were all boys. Without any investigation, we all did it without even thinking once. And after all the investigation, its a girl who did sent those objectionable messages in order to “test their mentality”. If this was the case, then tell us why did you complain the police about this and let this happen? I mean I agree with the fact that toxic masculinity is something which is quite terrible but this kind of bullshit where you are causing trouble to another person for being a man is inhuman. This is something which i believe should be stopped.

People who support these kind of shitty ideas are the worst kind of people you would ever meet. For Instance the incident of Amity University in which two boys were brutally beaten by some 15-20 people on the basis of fake complaints by two girls, who alleged being molested by those boys is one such incident. And the Roadies incident, in which the great Neha Dhupia slams a boy for slapping his ex girlfriend in front of her 5 boyfriends(which was bad) is another classic example of Pseudo Feminism. And I really appreciate her Co host Nikhil Chinapa for supporting this bullshit. I mean take a look at this video

Neha Dhupia & Nikhil Chinapa

Interestingly, there was an incident in which a 17 year old boy from Gurugram committed suicide after being accused of raping a girl on instagram by the accuser. And again the boy was labeled a criminal without any investigation, which made him take such step. And I am sure that the one who leveled such allegations is still free from any scrutiny, courtesy of the wrong impression of Feminism. Indeed there are men with creepy mindsets but there are also women present in the world with such thoughts

At last, I would like to tell y’all to take a step and avoid either of such bullshit in the future as both Chauvinism( toxic masculinity) And feminism ( if presumed in a wrong way) is toxic and unhealthy in many ways. And avoid people with such mindsets.

Youtube, Tiktok & The Rest of The World

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tiktok, a videomaking entertainment app downloaded by more than a billion users is one of the most cringiest things a person can ever do. You can see people making videos on this app and uploading it in their social media accounts. But whar you see is this. And before watching this, use medicine as you will suffer headache after watching this.

Source :-

After watching this, I would definitely recommend the Government to ban this app although I am not a conservative one. But after watching these kind of cringe worthy videos, I wonder how Humanity is still in existence even after this sort of dumbfuckery. And after watching that Joker video, Heath Ledger’s Ghost wont forgive this guy who made this kind of face.

Seriously, this is the face I really want to punch badly. I mean the way this creep transforms his face would even make a happy guy depressed. And even toddlers would run away from his presence. And if he ever compares himself to even Jared Leto’s Joker (no offence here since his storyline in Suicide Squad was the worst one), It would be the worst thing in the history of human existence. Not only that, there are more worse things as shown below :-

These shayaris and quotings will make you lose faith in the real world. Not only these people, there are those great humans who you will find sharing these kind of dumbfuck videos in their instagram & whatsapp stories. The world is harsh indeed , but please don’t make our living more hard by making these kind of cancerous things.

Recently, a tiktoker( as these fuckers are known) named Amir Sidiqui made a video in which he accused Youtubers of fighting and copying their content. Later he deleted the video, which was then bought to the fore by Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati. The way Carry roasted these assholes was lit af, but had a lot of truth simultaneously. And the roast video itself got more than a billion views and 1.5 billion likes in the youtube. Power of Internet, Isn’t it.

As a matter of fact, tiktok is made in China, the country which allegedly spread the Coronavirus epidemic around the world( Not being a casual racist though). Moreover the CEO of Bytedance, the creator of this app revealed that he never expected this app to be a hit in India as it was created for the unemployed people. But still, these people are assholes who will still follow such trends.

One thing that I further noticed that the tiktoks made in other countries are far better than the ones made in our country (not being an anti national here). But after watching these videos made by our fellow citizens, all i can say is

Hence I request all of you to choose your stuff wisely, not like these people who would torture you with these kind of talent which even our Salman bhai doesn’t possess

Boys Locker Room, Mysogyny & Dumbass Talks of Real Manhood

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Last week was one of the most depressing weeks of this whole year. First we lost Irrfan Khan, then Rishi Kapoor. I mean this year started with a lot of deaths starting with Kobe Bryant and his daughter. Then the outbreak of the Sars-Covid19 aka Corona virus, which claimed a lot of lives. I mean this virus affected a lot of people irrespective of caste, religion, gender, age and Position in the society.

Meanwhile, there has been a news doing rounds in these days, which include a group of schoolboys from Delhi & a social media account called “Bois Locker Room”. This account is getting famous for wrong reasons, which is :

  1. Inciting violence against women.
  2. Involvement of teenagers in this group.
  3. Promoting Child pornography.
  4. Violating a woman’s privacy.

In my opinion, indeed everybody has a right to express an opinion until & unless it hurts any kind of emotion and sentiments & incites any kind of criminal activity. and whosoever filed the case against these kind of people, I would have done the same with them like you did. Secondly, the kind of vulgarity social media is prone to spread is another reason for this case to be in the forefront. Easily another reason for conservative parents to ban social media for their children.

Personally, their claims of raping a woman easily struck me up hard. I wonder if they treated their mothers and sisters in this way. I believe that these kind of people should be banished from earth. They are the only reasons why feminists compare men with dogs.

Certainly, there are a lot of things to be blamed for these kind of cases which are Male supremacy, mysogyny amongst the men & boys of all the age. Despite living in the times of women empowerment & equal rights, we still need to get rid of this mysogynistic thoughts and the approach toward women as a weak gender. If that happens, then I believe there wont be any kinds of cases like these. And the time for drawing a line between fun and incitation of such activities is right now. We don’t need any movement like #metoo to realise this. But it is upto us to us to change our mindset and initiate a change.

Before I conclude, I would like to again add a point that there is a difference between fun and violating a human being. So be sure of the path you choose.

Mini Crossover Suv’s : The Ones Which are not even Suv’s

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Hey Guys, hope everyone is safe and sound in these hard times. I know some of you may have got yourselves bored at your respective homes, some binge watching TV shows and reading books and others spending time on social media making those tiktok videos and challenges which I find cringe worthy and makes me feel to get my fb & Instagram ids deleted.

Meanwhile, we have seen a huge rise among the number of car customers who prefer Suv over hatchbacks and sedans. The reason for this is due to the mass appeal of the former over both the latter and their ability to tackle rough roads and terrains & being spacious enough to seat 7-8 people and accomodate anything like a motorcycle etc. But most of the Suvs on road are having a 2 wheel drive layout instead of the 4 wheel drive (4 x 4), which is an essential part of an hardcore offroad Sport utility vehicle.

Given the fact that most buyers opt to buy an suv for family and show off purposes rather than going over hilly areas and wander over the untrodden path. I find people with a 4 x 4 Suv rarely as they are the only ones

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Next are the types of people who would buy a bunch of hatchbacks whose heights are increased and their suspension being raised by a few inches and are called “SUV” by their manufacturer. The likes of Maruti Suzuki S Presso , Hyundai Venue & Renault Kwid are the cars which i will call “pseudo Suvs”. As I would like to quote a Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation), These suvs are similar to Skimmed milk, “which is water lying about being milk”. And I tell you , adding some body cladding & raising the ground clearance wont make you an suv, but people will still pointlessly buy these “shitbox” cars. For the fact, the S Presso was built to replace the Alto K10 , the more powerful version of the Alto and to compete with the Renault Kwid.

Since It was the AMC Eagle, which gave birth to Crossover Suvs, It showed a way to car manufacturers how they can make a wagon go around some path which has never been treaded. Then Fiat made the Panda 4×4 , which gave a way for hatchbacks being Suvs. But it was still better than the S Presso nonsense. And safer than the Kwid. Most importantly, they had 4×4 , due to which they were capable off roaders. But the market only works for people, who will always prefer comfort and luxury over performance.

Meanwhile , Mahindra has announced that the Scorpio and XUV 500 will be only available in 4×2 versions, thanks to the BS6 norms stated by the Government. I hope they will bring 4×4 version of these Suvs in the coming time, if the Corona virus pandemic is over early and everything comes back to normal.

As for now, I sign off and hope y’all be safe and sound. And those who agree with me, do share it with others. For Collaboration & other stuff, contact for more.

The New Volkswagen Polo TSI

The VW Polo Tsi

It’s been more than a decade since Volkswagen launched the Polo hatchback to compete with the offerings of other car manufacturers in the same segment. The Polo then had two engines, one petrol & diesel 3 cylinder engines mated to a 5- speed manual gearbox. Then in 2013 followed a more hot-headed 1.2 litre Turbo-Stratified Injection or TSI petrol engine, which pumped out 103.5 bhp and 175 Nm of torque. With this model came a 7-speed Direct-Shift Gearbox, which was a Dual-Clutch transmission having a dry-clutch setup, ensuring faster and slicker gearshifts than a normal Torque-Converter Automatic gearbox.There was a diesel GT on offering too, powered by a 1.5 litre tried & tested TDI engine, which made the same 103.5 bhp but a far bigger 250 Nm of torque.

Now, after tasting success with the TSI engine in the Indian market, VW decided to give both Polo & Vento a new engine in the wake of the BS6 norms. Being slightly smaller in displacement, the new 1 litre 3-cylinder engine is a petrol powered unit. Thanks to turbocharging and a better engineering traits of VW, this engine now makes 110 bhp & still makes 175 Nm of torque. But interestingly, VW has managed to give it a 6-speed manual gearbox. Also available is a 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox( for thr GT Tsi trim). But providing a manual Gearbox with this kind of engine is an Enthusiast Approach. Hats off to VW for bringing the Hot Hatch game into the fore and providing us the Enthusiast feel back with this car. I hope this car grabs a lot of sales and a lot of attention and people buy this with a manual rather than that automatic gearbox, which replaces the previously used DSG transmission, a gearbox worshipped by enthusiasts for its precise functions.